W O L C O T T : T A K E M O T O  -  a ratio of Joy Wolcott and Natasha Takemoto. Beginning in May of 2011, WT was developed with the notion of creative independence and design integrity with clothing that puts thought towards fit and quality. All pieces are designed and produced in NYC with the intention of supporting a historical and local industry. It is the ultimate hope that the love and thoughtfulness put into each piece is translated to the wearer and then in a sense can adopt and continue on loving it in their own way. 

(brief history)

Joy studied apparel design in Seattle and Natasha studied design in San Francisco. They unofficially met while both living in Seattle and officially met when they coincidentally ended up living 2 blocks from one another in Bushwick. Pre-WT, Joy interned with Mociun and for two seasons at Rachel Comey while Natasha worked in the e-commerce and merchandising field. The decision to venture into their own independent design project made complete sense and looking back over the history of their partnership, a shared aesthetic and sense of style has lent to a strong design collaboration.   

(spring 16)

In 2016, Wolcott : Takemoto will be doing a two-part heritage collection. Spring 16 (part one) focuses on Natasha's Japanese heritage and Fall 16 (part two) will focus on Joy's Midwestern heritage. Natasha travelled to Japan and gathered inspiration for the lines development. Japanese artists like Isamu Noguchi and Jiro Yoshihara as well as infrastructure images such as the circle patterns on sidewalks lent to the round grommets found through out the collection on styles such as the Tsukino Dress (named after Natasha's grandmother). Cultural symbols such as the shimenawa from shrines inspired the ropes used as closures on styles like the Yoshinori jacket (named after Natasha's grandfather). Colors of lilac and red were pulled from the Japanese Iris and the symbolism of the rising sun.  

(fall 16)

In 2016, Wolcott : Takemoto decided to do a two-part heritage collection. Spring 16 (part one) focused on Natasha's Japanese heritage and Fall 16 (part two) focuses on Joy's Midwestern heritage of Nebraska. Inspired by the fields and pasture landscapes, there is a strong emphasis on custom dyed brown denim and custom quilting (all fabric treatments sourced in New York). A lot of the style silhouettes are inspired by pieces from childhood and early adolescence. The Jane Skirt-Pant is a modern take on the tendency to wear skirts over pants in Jr. High School. The style names are also derived from family heritage. For example, the Carol Jumpsuit is named after Joy's grandmother who was the first to introduce the notion of clothing design and development.

Wolcott : Takemoto will show SS17 at WOMAN New York.

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